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Lift Kits & Leveling Kits for your vehicle that fits properly?American Fusion Wheels is the best lift kits & leveling kits dealer providing superior services. We specialize in distributing the finest lift kits, leveling kits and off-road wheels for any ride. It is our goal to provide our customers with top of the products for their off-road vehicles. At American Fusion Wheels, we want to make sure that you are choosing the right lift kit for your vehicle. We offer many types of suspension lift kits and leveling kits. (0.75" / 1.5" / 2" / 2.5" / 3" / 3.5" / 4" / 6" / 7" / 7.5" / 8" / 9" / 10" inch)

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American Fusion Wheels & Tires

American Fusion Wheels and Tires is the best Suspension lift Kits and Lowering kits installation shop at Shawnee Kansas City MO area. we can install any brands of lift kits or lowering kits, 4 link suspension to body lift, 2-4 drops or 3-5 drops, we can make anything happen, we can fabricate the parts and make kit as you need, we are the only shop in Shawnee, Kansas City and MO area who can lift 16” suspension.

A suspension lift kits is a type of modification that is required to provide a raise to the height of your vehicle. It basically provides a certain height to your SUVs, Jeeps, Vans, or any other form of off-road automobile. You need only a little bit of modification by choosing the best suspension package lift kit if you really want to enjoy rough terrain driving. After upgrading, it becomes much easier for the drivers to take their vehicles out in the rocky, sandy, or muddy regions.

It not only provides protection for the downward parts but also enhances the enjoyment level of driving. With the installment of this outstanding product, you can easily tackle the upcoming obstacles around your way and drive smoothly on the rough terrain. American Fusion Wheels provides the best lift kits for all luxurious brands be it Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Nissan, or Toyota as we believe in loyalty and royalty and no one can understand it better than you if you own any of the mentioned branded vehicles.

On our website, you’ll get the featured brand of lift kits manufacturers. We don’t compromise with the quality and that’s why we only deal with the reputed and best manufacturing company. Providing an unforgettable user experience is our real achievement. You can hand-pick the best part of your vehicles.

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