Proper car maintenance involves monitoring your engine, brakes, fluid levels, and other critical components. While there are many important parts of a car, it's essential to make sure you are focusing on tire maintenance, too. In our experience, we've seen that tires are more susceptible to damage because many motorists don't take the time to inspect them until they're already presenting issues. At that point, you may already be more at high risk for an accident. Discover how poorly maintained tires can put you in danger by continuing below.

Cars With Bad Tires Are Harder to Control

You may first notice an issue with your tires based on how your car handles. In the past, you may have never had trouble maneuvering your vehicle or executing tight turns. These days, the heavy steering may be making it harder for you to navigate a simple corner. On top of that, you may experience vibrations while driving that can prove quite disruptive.

Ignoring such issues can quickly lead to accidents on the open road. Unless you want to expose yourself to potential accidents, you must resolve the defects causing those handling issues as soon as possible. Your steering issues are likely related to inadequate pressure levels for the tires, while the vibrations may often be symptomatic of insufficient tread depth. Be sure to double-check with a tire professional to get the problem fixed.

Cars With Bad Tires Are Unpredictable

Driving around with tires in poor condition can also be dangerous because they can make your car unpredictable. The unpredictability may manifest itself in the way your car stops. You may notice that your car is no longer coming to a full stop as quickly as before.

Things can get ugly fast if you cannot gauge your stopping distance correctly. Motorists dealing with that issue are more likely to be involved in rear-end collisions. Avoiding a vehicle approaching from the side is also harder if you cannot stop in time.

Cars With Bad Tires Are More Likely to Experience Blowouts

According to Auto Insurance, tire blowouts and other similar issues are responsible for 33,000 accidents annually in the United States. Those accidents likely aren't minor crashes. If you lose control of your car due to a blowout, your chances of being involved in a tragic accident are frighteningly high.

Practicing proper maintenance can help you avoid blown-out tires. In many cases, those blowouts are caused by old tires. Replace your tires at the right time so you can stay safe.

Don't neglect your tires when conducting routine vehicle maintenance. The potential consequences of inadequate tire maintenance can be disastrous, so always stay on top of that. Contact us at American Fusion Wheels today, and we'll take care of your tires!